10 great books to read right now for personal excellence

Read these before the year is out

10 must-read books for life mastery

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Here are my humble suggestions for your grand library.


The One Thing

If you want to 10X your life and stay relentlessly focused on doing great work, then this book must form one of your foundational pillars.

Gary Keller boils down the entire basis for outstanding results to one simple question.

“What’s the ONE Thing you can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?”

This book gave me the freedom to go about my agenda guilt-free (…because everything other than your one thing is really inconsequential)



If you are struggling with the automatic negative pull of everyday existence, where uplifting your spirits is a laborious task, take this book, grab a cup of coffee and consume both!

Kevin Hall brilliantly paints a motivational canvas using the significance of the root meaning of simple empowering words, and how incorporating those in your life can transform your outlook. For example, take the word Namaste. When you begin to feel the depth of that phrase as you use it, it can’t help but elevate you to a higher plane. Sublime!


The Happiness Advantage

Positive thinking finally makes sense. All those quirky, self-help-y ideas that motivational gurus made you practice now has the backing of solid research.

If you have a rational bend of mind, this piece of applied positive psychology work from Shawn Achor will appeal to the rational guy/ gal in you.

Key take-away: understanding how your brain works helps you use it to your advantage in daily life. Simple brain-hacks that can help you move faster toward your goals and avoid self-sabotage.


15 Invaluable Laws of Growth

John Maxwell’s brilliance lies in his ability to create simple, applicable ideas from giant concepts for everyday leadership and development.

As students of constant never-ending improvement, we all need a plan for continuous intentional growth. Maxwell helps you think deeply thru what it takes to keep growing thru-out life.

I do wish this book becomes required reading in schools so a growth-orientation is instilled in young minds at an early age.


The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster

If you are an entrepreneur just starting out or an established business person, the fundamentals that Darren Hardy offers in this book form the basis of your eventual success (or failure!) of your venture.

Key-takeaway: Accept that it’s going to be a roller-coaster ride. Then prepare for it. Using simple, no-brainer lessons offered in the book.


IF you are neither, the concepts still apply because hey, we are all entrepreneurs in life (as people with a vision, creating something each day, planting seeds for the future…whether by raising a child, building a loving home or working for someone else….it all adds up to entrepreneurship!)


The Everything Store

Jeff Bezos is a world-changer. Amazon is a world-disruptor. But both didn’t start out that way, though that vision was probably always there.

This book offers a peek into the mind of one of the greatest CEOs of our time, and into the DNA of one of the most iconic businesses that define 21st century economics.

Key take-away: Leadership is situational. It’s context-based. Though there are some timeliness principles that shouldn’t be trashed, it can be reasonably said that there’s no right or wrong leadership, only effective leadership. (Yeah…there are exceptions to that rule too)


Manage your day-to-day

This is one of those books on productivity that you underline, highlight, dog-ear and refer to repeatedly. This one is a treasure-trove of practical thinking and ideas you can’t wait to apply to your 24 hours. To become effective. To perform a fantastic levels.

That it comes from some noted achievers of our time adds to its credibility (it’s a compilation of essays from famous figures like Seth Godin, Gretchen Rubin, Tony Shwartz, Steven Pressfield and many others)



Staying with the theme of minimalism based productivity, here’s a gem from Greg McKeown.

Simple message: Do you want to do more, be more and have more? Then, reduce your life down to the essentials. And then work at them like crazy”.

Read it if you are stressed by the complexity, overcrowding and overwhelm in your work, mind and life today.


Search Inside Yourself

Based on Google’s famed employee wellness program by the same name, its creator outlines principles and practices for greater mindfulness.

Written with a sprinkling of humor, the meditation, mindfulness and happiness-enhancement practices given in the book will take away all your excuses for not getting into the daily habit of meditation.

The science for all that has already been established, the only question is will you adopt it to enhance your life?


The Success Principles

A textbook for anyone obsessed with success and achievement, Jack Canfield has released an updated and expanded 10 anniversary edition to the classic, originally released in 2005.

It’s one of those ‘must-haves’ for your library….a life manual to pass down over the generations.

I can guarantee…every time you read it, it will launch you several steps forward and farther on your journey of success and personal growth. Period.


How will you measure your life?

Or can you really? How do you know if your life is going the way it should be? Are you measuring the things that really matter? Do you even know what they are?

Clayton Christensen’s books have transformed the world of business. His earlier books like “The Innovator’s dilemma” have shaped the thinking of legendary businesses, Apple and Amazon being among the most famous.

In this soulful book that shows how to apply business thinking to life’s important questions, Christensen draws upon his experiences to shine light on those few essential metrics that make for meaningful living.

Finally a book that teaches how to ponder about life in a structured way!


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