What everybody ought to know about being exceptional

Why do we always want to follow the herd? Why is it that we want to conform to what everyone else around us agrees with?


Herd-mentality is hard-wired into us. Why? Possibly because of

  • Our upbringing : a major part of bringing up children is about setting boundaries and disciplining. But when we grow up, we forget that boundaries and disciplines are meant to help us, not hinder us. We slowly get into the habit of living within boundaries and doing the safe thing, without giving a thought to the usefulness of the boundary.
  • Our need to belong: It’s another one of those core evolutionary load we carry. We feel a deep need to be part of something – of a community, of like-minded others etc. Again, this was important in the context of tribes. And it’s the reason behind societies, cults, nations, associations and what not. But, the real question is what do we really belong to? Is it helping or hurting us?

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