Want to be effective? Do this simple thing

The one little secret to superb communication

If you aim for clever, you will draw applause. If you aim for clear, you will draw action.

Photo Credit: Aussie Assault via Compfight cc

I was recently listening to a training piece by Michael Hyatt where he mentioned ‘being clear over clever”.

Hmmm. Insightful.

Wonder how many instances of communication we can count when we have all struggled with this. Whether at home or at work. Whether it’s writing a marketing piece, and email, or just persuading a client or friend. Heck…even when I am trying to convince my daughter to listen to me!

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Your Definitive Guide to the Wonderful Habit of Reading – Part II

In Part I of this article, I shared with you why it’s critical for all of us to become better readers. And also why and how we sabotage our reading habit.

Image Courtesy : Lou Levit/ Unsplash.com

Image Courtesy : Lou Levit/ Unsplash.com

In this part, let’s talk about the What and the How.

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Your Definitive Guide to the Wonderful Habit of Reading-Part I

If you catch me in a great mood, there’s a high likelihood it’s the result of 3 things coming together – a book in my hand, a starbucks outlet and a dark roast brewed coffee with milk and sugar added. (My definition of ‘life is good’!)

Courtesy : Unsplash/ Alexander Solodukhin

Photo Courtesy : Unsplash/ Alexander Solodukhin

The habit of reading is one of the enduring joys of my life. I often tell my wife, much to her chagrin, that she’s my second wife. Before she erupts in rage, I reveal the name of the first…

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20 quick energy boosters when you are feeling low

How to quickly and easily elevate your mood, feel recharged and increase your productivity

Have you been going about your day with a “fixed mindset”? That is – have you sold yourself a story about how your mood or energy levels for a given day are pre-determined, have a set pattern and cannot be modified?

20 Quick Energy Boosters

Well, let me offer some energy-booster tips that could change that mindset. What if you could turn around your crappy day, pep yourself up and produce great work just when you had resigned yourself to a dull, downhill pattern?

And what if I also told you these suggestions are not just motivational fluff, but have neuropsychological studies to back their effectiveness?

Read on…

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