Why good leaders fail and how to fix it

The one principle many talented leaders overlook

There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception

Image Credit: Sean Brown/ UnSplash.com

So often we see leaders in many fields who have worked their way up with sheer grit. They get to their leadership position by the forces of their charisma, credibility and results.

Once they reach the pedestal, some of them stumble. Their leadership halo seems to diminish and the hitherto unabashed supporters start to turn the other way.

Why is that?

Among the many failures of leadership is an often overlooked little trap door.

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10 great books to read right now for personal excellence

Read these before the year is out

10 must-read books for life mastery

Image Credit: Alice Hampson/ Unsplash.com

Here are my humble suggestions for your grand library.

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