9 Life-Moments you can’t afford to miss

Everyone has them, but few ever notice.

There are some life-altering bits of time in everyone’s life.

Life Moments You Can't Afford to Miss

Image Credit: Niklas Rhose/ UnSplash.com

These crucial moments come and go, some big and momentous, some seemingly small and mundane. Regardless of their size, they add a lot of meaning to life.

If only you care to notice….

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14 proven daily rituals to sharpen your winning edge

As goes your day, so goes your life

Image Credit: Andras Toth/ Unsplash.com

I am a big believer in the power of daily rituals.

As some wise guy said, The day is your life in miniature. As goes your day, so goes your life.
I know when I feel great that it’s because of the consistency of my rituals. I know when my life sucks that I have been unfair to my daily rituals.

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