Why ‘no legacy’ and ‘no mission’ are just as acceptable

If you like to learn and improve, you seek out principles to help you on the journey. Have you come across thought leaders, books and articles talking about the importance of legacy. Have yo been advised to reflect on the legacy you will leave behind. Perhaps you were exhorted to craft your own eulogy, as a way to get clarity on your legacy.

No legacy, no mission

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Another frequently peddled advice is the importance of identifying your purpose and mission in life. How many times have you heard claims that those who amount to anything in life have identified their purpose, crafted mission statements and then proceeded to do beautiful things?

It’s time to question these two enduring and ‘taken-as-self-evident-truth’ pieces of advice. Should you be so worried about what legacy you leave behind? Should you leave behind a legacy at all? Does each of our lives have a purpose? Is it that God has given us this life to fulfill a mission?

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The easiest route to great life skills

Time and again I have found myself saying (to others and myself), “see this as a thing that builds a skill within you.” That is whenever one comes across a personal or professional challenge, an inner or outer strife (with yourself or someone else), a conflict or a discomfort-causing activity. Its all about life skills.

Life is one long skill development program

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Coming to think of it, we must all adopt this mindset – that life is one big, long skill development program. An apprenticeship with a practical curriculum wherein we are constantly exposed to new opportunities to develop newer skills.

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