Practical approaches to self-learning

Who should you learn should you learn

I hear a lot of advice, sermons and the like. Everyone has an opinion. Everyone has suggestions.

Image Credit: Anna Demianenko

Image Credit: Anna Demianenko

Some folks taste a little bit of success, and develop ‘frog-in-a-well’ syndrome. They grow the delusion of grandiosity – that they know it all. They live in their own little fiefdom without much exposure or knowledge of bigger and better ways out there. They deprive themselves of mental enrichment, and would like others to follow suit.

Then there are those who have suddenly discovered a forgiving platform that gives the opportunity to publish and broadcast their thoughts – social media. It’s a great tool when the information is good and useful, it’s a harmful tool when the broadcaster’s thoughts are dumb and bull.

For a learner, these are tough times. The moot question is….who should you learn from?

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