How to plan and set goals for 2018

Getting this brand new year right

Just some more hours left for this year to fade away and the new one to rise. Have you thought about your plan and goals for the new year?

How to Plan for 2018

Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash


For a few days, somewhere between the end of December and the beginning of the New Year, every year, I go into a “pause and reflect” mode. This is a ritual I have followed for close to 15 years. Although the exact process has undergone several iterations, the core essence of the practice is to pause, reflect and plan. (I say iterations because with each passing year, my process gets a little more refined thanks to some immense lessons life sends my way).

As you use this time to reflect on this past year and plan for the new one, I outline below a thinking map that has served me well to help you go thru the process.

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