3 hallmarks of the most remarkable professionals

All remarkable professionals are alike, every unprofessional is … unprofessional in his own way.

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Yeah… I just paraphrased that opening line from Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina. (love the way lines from classics can be tweaked to shed light on everything under the sun!)

Professionalism?? What’s new about that?

Let me share with you why I feel strongly about this principle, and why it is increasingly pertinent today. Yes, I just called it a principle – that self-evident stuff that remains open to interpretation, while staying constant at its core. Because that’s what professionalism is. You know it when you see it, and you know it when it is painfully absent.

I have had the pleasure of working with thorough professionals (and still do). I have also experienced the slow dragging pain of dealing with the opposite kind (still do!…I know you do too!) In the process, I have noticed that remarkable professionals exhibit 3 undeniable hallmarks:

  1. They are of a stellar character

They know who they are, what they stand for and what they do not stand for.

They know what ethics mean and live by them even when inconvenient.

They are impeccable with their etiquettes- that is they know how to conduct themselves and how to treat others.

And they have a clear window thru which they view their place in the sun- no illusions, no colored glass, and hence no fears.


  1. They possess sparkling competence

Competence begins with having an inner understanding of one’ genius DNA- the few callings that live at the intersection of the following:

  • that which you are exceptionally skilled at,
  • that which gives you joy and meaning, and
  • that which serves a need.

Remarkable professionals have a clear handle of their DNA of competence.

They also have a clear insight into their strengths – what they bring to the table that few others do; and their weaknesses- tasks at which they are better off seeking help or delegating.

Most importantly, their competence is a function of their Integrity, their commitment, and their admiration for excellence.


  1. They carry superb charisma

You know a professional by how they carry themselves. When they show up you immediately know here is a person who obsesses about being impeccable and world-class – in demeanor, in conduct, in attire, in language, in work…..you get the point.

They set themselves apart by paying attention to and caring about sophistication, aesthetics and refinement.

They display a presence when they enter a room- an aura that stems from being engaged, energetic and effective.


So, how remarkable are you? I know I am working daily to improve my remarkability and hope you are too!

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