Hi, I am Sajith Pillai.

This online space is an ongoing life experiment in Never-ending Improvement and High Performance. And I invite you to become part of it.



What this blog is about:

I care deeply for the quest for Deep Improvement and High Performance. In work and in life.

As a self-confessed autodidact, I am constantly scouring for knowledge on Leadership, Professional Excellence, High Performance and Productivity and Personal Growth.

As an enthusiast of life, I identify myself with those eccentric seekers out there – professionals, entrepreneurs, leaders, thinkers, teachers, philosophers, students – anyone who has an insatiable hunger for learning – A better way of doing things – A better way of being.

Why you should read this blog:

My goal is to share insights and learning that you can immediately use to refine yourself, personally and professionally. If you are committed to your never-ending improvement, this space is for you.

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About me:

A trained medical doctor by background, I have been a Healthcare Improvement Specialist for the past several years, and an ‘entrepreneur-deep-inside’ (perhaps because some of my greatest moments of fulfilment are when my brain is in a fluid creative mode!).

I have had the privilege to work alongside stalwarts and influencers in the healthcare improvement discipline.

As a credentialed Improvement Coach (Dartmouth Clinical Microsystems Institute), I routinely share tools, tactics and learnings on how to improve :

Healthcare Quality,

Personal-professional performance, and

Leadership-management skills.

You can find more regularly updated ‘good-to-know’ (and sometimes quirky) facts about me here.  

How to get the most out of this blog:

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My contact information:

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