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Thanks for taking the time to visit this page and know more about me.

  • I grew up, went to school and lived the better part of my life in Mumbai, India.
  • In more than 3 decades of revolving around the sun, I have had the good fortune to live and work on different continents, experience diverse people and work cultures, and see enough in human beings to realize that core human motivations don’t really vary a lot from region to region.
  • I have re-invented my career on 3 occasions. Each has been a rich learning experience. And I intend to continue the reinvention.
  • Reading is the one enduring joy of my life. Building a well-stocked library is one of my life goals. Legacy should be in the word, I believe.
  • The one role where I aspire for the greatest growth and never-ending improvement is the one I share with my daughter. ‘Cause that’s a blank canvas handed to me. To paint it into a magnificent piece of art. No excuses allowed.
  • I love journaling. I typically write in my journal 3-5 times a week. I love the feel of running a fountain pen on crisp paper in a vintage-look journal.
  • If there’s one brand I truly care about, its Starbucks Coffee. God bless Howard Schultz. I have learned more about myself and life in all the hours I have spent at Starbucks. The smell of fresh coffee, a book, fountain pen, my journal and flight of ideas and thoughts – ahh…that’s the good life!
  • I have gotten myself caricatured twice in life. The first was when I was a medical student back in Mumbai. The other time was by a Chinese artist at Times Square in New York. He sketched me as a super-charged guy rocking a guitar away. (Too bad – I lost that one)
  • I lived in Pittsburgh for 4 years, studying at Pitt, and later working at UPMC. I carry the fondest memories of my time at The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Mt. Washington, Pitt and all the Starbucks outlets spread across Pittsburgh.
  • I care about bettering the lives of children. Two of my favorite charities are CRY and Save the Children.
  • I read 30-40 books a year – books on leadership, improvement, business, biography, spirituality, fiction, technology, and many other eclectic topics.
  • Among all the books I have read thus far, there are a few I count as ‘life-altering’. One such title is “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramhansa Yogananda.
  • I am most in my elements when I am teaching or speaking on stage.

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