9 Life-Moments you can’t afford to miss

Everyone has them, but few ever notice.

There are some life-altering bits of time in everyone’s life.

Life Moments You Can't Afford to Miss

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These crucial moments come and go, some big and momentous, some seemingly small and mundane. Regardless of their size, they add a lot of meaning to life.

If only you care to notice….1. Light-bulb moments:

When brilliant ideas flash through your mind – ideas that contain transformative power. These insights come from a higher part of you- one that momentarily slipped out of the grip of the controlling, limiting logical parts of the brain. Indeed, these rare moments are the ones that elevate, save and sustain – both an individual and humanity.


2. Crucible moments:

Times when unusual and extraordinary events occur that test your leadership and principles. Life is full of gray…so much so that we struggle to really understand where we stand with our values. But ever so often, some moments present themselves where we are forced to look deep and act based on our compass. These experiences will tell you if your principles were indeed solid or just momentary fluff.


3. Coachable moments:

Occasions where a lesson can be captured and taught – by you to yourself or to someone you are responsible for. Life lessons never get automatically ingrained in us. A deliberate attempt must be made to call forth precious learning from everyday occurrences. Whether it be observing a random passerby or from a personal interaction, coachable moments surround us in our everyday lives, waiting to be learned from and taught to.


4. Rich moments:

In the depths and midst of an intensely meaningful activity – moments and experiences of pure joy and in-the-moment awareness. Haven’t you at least once in your life lost yourself in something – perhaps sketching a piece of personal art, or reading from a beautiful work of literature or writing the fruits of your mind on paper? Didn’t you experience timelessness and a blissful contentment? These flow moments are far richer than any “bought” experiences your money can afford.


5. Nothingness moments:

Unstructured, egoless moments where you are nothing, do nothing and want nothing – only our existence and dissolving in the overall being of things matter. Watching clouds travel across the sky, listening to the random rhythm of waves or simply sitting in meditation – it’s quite a miracle that ‘unstructure’ can be so therapeutic and life-enhancing.


6. Abundance moments:

Opportunities for great caring, service and contribution to everything outside yourself, with no expectation of any returns. Research tells us that the act of selfless giving impacts not only the receiver and the giver, but also anyone fortunate enough to simply observe the act passively. Perhaps because its an expression of our true nature- one that we are programmed for. Perhaps these abundance moments are the only real ones in an illusory existence.


7. Battleground moments:

The split-second between a stimulus and your response – where you choose which aspect of you will you entertain – the baser you or the loftier you. I struggle with this one. Everyday things happen where I have to decide whether I will engage my fight-or-flight reptilian brain or my more evolved soul-attuned brain. It’s a difficult choice, and the winner is usually the one I have been feeding lately.


8. Fork-in-the-road moments:

Pivots that can change the trajectory of your life significantly and often times irreversibly – crucial decisions about your path, goal or direction. There’s a curious reality residing in every turn – be it on a road or in life. Once you make the turn and travel for some time, the possibility you left behind seems so far away that it almost seems impossible to get to. The scene that surrounds you changes dramatically, the roadblocks are of a different kind and what you encounter on your journey is a whole new script. How would you know this when you come to the fork in the road? No knowing….only a best guess. Part logic, part destiny.


9. Opportune moments:

Events, situations, problems, challenges, change – that presents the opportunity to equip and position yourself for greater success and to exploit the hidden treasures within it. Every now and then, a door swings open or a side road appears. It may not look all that appealing in the moment, but if you have an eye for possibilities, you may just stumble upon an opportunity – one that may open up a thousand new promises.

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