How to become truly valuable at work and life

Why this surprising key can make all the difference between success & failure

Exceptional Leaders Craft Today's Work with Tomorrow's Possibilities in Mind

So, which one is your strongest Quotient? Are you high IQ (Intelligence), or high EQ (Emotional)? How about your SQ (Social) or your CQ (Curiosity)? ….(heard that one just couple days back).

Amidst all the confusion about which of these quotients really matter to real success, there is a surprising perspective on how you could bring all these strengths together and continually improve on them?

In short – how to become a “Whole-Minded” leader?

So what’s a whole-minded leader after all? How is he different from the run-of-the-mill ho-hums out there?

A whole-mind professional is someone who can bring both halves of his brain to his job, work or calling.


  • A whole mind professional balances
  • Intuition with logic
  • Emotion with data
  • Possibilities with current reality
  • Vision with ground-level strategies.

Dan Pink revealed the remarkability of this concept in his book A Whole New Mind.

Now, why is this important in today’s work-place or business?

There are 2 gigantic factors that are influencing the way work is interpreted and delivered across industries.

  1. The rate of expansion of information (the knowledge doubling curve – currently thought to be around 12 months…which means a year from now all available knowledge will be 2 times what it is now!)
  2. The disruptive pace of changes – socio-economic and geo-political.


These two factors together create a surging demand for the whole-mind professional who can stay two steps ahead of the information revolution and change waves.


Whole-mind professionals bring a few unique distinctions to their work and organization:


  1. They are aligned with their strengths, but also track the money.

Have you seen people who are relentlessly focused on a critical few things that they do really, really well? And it turns out that they are also really good at milking those talents and strengths to further their career and wealth. Take any famous legend as a case and you will notice someone with uniqueness that also had enough business-savvy to find affluence thru uniqueness.


  1. They craft today’s work with future possibilities and needs in mind.

Think about that software or report you are creating today. Can there be a reuse for that piece of work sometime in the future. Will it continue to add value even after it has outlived its current utility? Whole-mind professionals spend a few neurons figuring out how their work can take on a new role sometime in the future.

Think about it- the whole evolution of the internet age, information technology, and platforms of all kinds happened because a few entrepreneurs saw new possibilities in existing designs.


  1. They are at once in the mind of the customer and on the Strategic Plan.


Using imagination and informed intuition to understand what the customer really wants and then delivering it in a way that aligns with the mission and vision of the organization. Its easy to see why only a few ascend up the ladder in any organization…why only a few seem to get all the nice project and opportunities. It’s their whole-brain, stupid!


  1. They blend creativity with superb execution.


Innovating with the right brain and then rationally implementing it with the left brain sounds like a daunting task. Only a few possess it. How about unleashing the creativity of a group to come up with innovations (almost a right brain activity) and then superbly executing it via discipline and efficiency (a left brain function)?

So whether it is in blissful solitude or in a team, whole-mind professionals get it done and therefore end up dawning the leadership suit.


  1. They are emotionally balanced and logically sound.


What a fresh breeze that would be amidst the crowd! Work-places are filled with people with penchant for the dramatic and filled with hot air. Or on the other hand, those that up in the air with their ideas and philosophies with little to show as results.

The ‘balanced-and-sound’ combination can make all the difference in navigating a tough situation, negotiating a difficult scenario or keeping a team together. Sounds like a whole-mind doesn’t it?


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