How to quickly and easily clear your mindspace

What’s the most expensive piece of real-estate in the world?


If you thought Manhattan, Tokyo or Mumbai, you are not thinking deeply enough (or shall we say ‘cryptically’ enough?) The answer is right with you. Hint: it’s what helped you come up with your initial answers.

Before you get to the answer, let me ask you another question. Would you trade/ sell a prime piece of property for cheap, or in return for something far less valuable? No, right? I want to challenge you that you are most likely doing it right now.

So, what’s the answer to the first question?

Your mind. Also called mental real-estate! The most important, expensive, valuable piece of real-estate in the world. And most people are giving it away for cheap, or letting weeds and junk take it over.

No wonder people are stressed, out of balance, weak at decisions, combative,……(insert a personal problem here to get the full picture). And yet it never occurs to us that the problem could be the way we treat our only piece of equipment that allows us to function in this world…our mind.

So what can you do about it? Here are some simple no-nonsense suggestions that you can apply immediately to keep your mind-space sparkling clean and beautiful:


Make as many things automatic as possible.

Do you make the same trivial decisions every day? Fix that, by creating an automated system to deal with those things, so you can use your time and energy on the big, important stuff.


Know what to automate, and what not to

Don’t be so over-obsessed with efficiency, that you crowd out people, relationships and meaningful work in order to stick to your to-do list and schedule.


Obsess about rituals and routines

Rituals and routines help build consistency. Consistency build habits. Habits create predictable results.


Know your One Thing

Bow down to Gary Keller for this idea. The profound question from his awesome book, “The One Thing” : What’s the one thing I can do right now, such that everything else becomes either easy or unnecessary?


Take care of inflow (what you put into your mind)

What you feed your body determines your short-term energy and long-term fitness.

What you feed your mind determines your short-term attitude and long-term world-view. Be careful. Don’t feed on junk.

Take care of outflow

Vent constructively to get rid of toxic thoughts and ideas, and avoid destructive venting because it creates inflow of more toxic stuff)

Empty your cup : meditate

Meditation is the antidote to everything. Try it.

Only uni-think, no multi-think. Only uni-focus, no multi-focus

If you stay away from alcohol and drugs, there’s no reason to keep living with another addiction (known as multi-tasking, or multi-focus). The “dumbing” effect is almost the same.

Minimalize and essentialize

Dieter Rams said “Less, but better”. Three profound words. With far-reaching implications. Avoid clutter…of the physical and mental kind. While you are at it, read Greg Mckeown’s excellent advice in “Essentialism”.

Avoid ‘productivity’ tools that ‘harm’ your productivity and effectiveness

Technology is like a high-risk medication. Use it in the wrong doses and it will cause illnesses far worse than the one you started with. You start using tech to cure inefficiency, instead it becomes the cause. Avoid that trap.

 Create structure and themes to your time (days and weeks)

Label your days. What would you use Mondays for? Tuesdays? Which is your no-tech/ rest day? What’s your day for your best-creative, high-value work?

Placing these tags on your days will help you become more productive, without imbalance. Now, isn’t that a good thing?

 Unstructure…for greater productivity

Take some delight in disorder once in a while. Life is not meant to be all serious. Throw away your agenda once in a while. Live by the moment. Take it the way it comes at you. Trust me. Its greatly refreshing.

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