The 10 Capacities of Effectiveness

This year, I decided to pick up a few tips from what I did right (and did not) in 2015, and apply it.

Effectiveness-Tim Grover

The second quarter of this year has started. It’s time to evaluate the first 12 weeks, learn from it and chart the course for the next 12.

A few key themes I set for myself were:

  1. Less but better (thank you, Dieter Rams)
  2. Less activity, more accomplishment
  3. Effectiveness over efficiency

I hear the word “efficiency” so often from so many people that it’s giving me a fatigue now. I don’t think most of them really understand what efficiency really means. They erroneously think doing a lot of stuff, and before the “deadline” amounts to being efficient.

It may be so, but then it goes back to the first two themes above. Are you doing things better, and are you really accomplishing more?

I like to give my energy, instead, to Effectiveness. So that I can get more output from my investments – be it time, money, effort or brain-cells.

Here are some thoughts on effectiveness to get you started. I believe we need to build and hone some “capacities” in order to become more effective. Rate yourself on the following capacities (1 being a disaster, and 10 being genius). And then write them down on a card, carry it with you or paste it where you can see it for the next 90 days.

Here goes: (Get your guide to ultimate productivity. Download here)

The capacities of effectiveness

  1. Centeredness: being situated in the powerful inner core, even in the midst of turbulence, staying undeterred amidst challenges, distractions and setbacks.

“Mental resilience is arguably the most critical trait of a world-class performer, and it should be nurtured continuously.”– Josh Waitzkin

  1. Employing intention: Creating the right conditions and results by using the law of intentionality – that creative power of molding the right circumstances in the Field of infinite possibilities – through faith, visualization and manifesting.

“Every right decision I have ever made has come from my gut. Every wrong decision I’ve made was the result of me not listening to the greater voice of myself.” – Oprah Winfrey

  1. Intense concentration: long periods of focused attention, and immersing yourself in tasks of high value – laser focused effort and intense commitment.
  1. Enduring the Pain of Productivity: Sticking to long, boring, painful, grunt work in pursuit of creating excellent results, and practicing under painfully routine conditions in pursuit of mastery.
  1. Unleashing the Power of Personality: Bringing forth power-filled charisma and magnetism. Doing stuff with smoothness and effortlessness, as if victory is pre-ordained, as if the intended result is pre-written – a way of carrying and conducting oneself, without holding anything back, with full expression of your powerful force on display.

“You’re not competing with anyone else, ever again. They’re going to have to compete with you.” – Tim Grover

  1. Experiencing the Timelessness of Flow: Daily meaningful engagement in actions and activities that keep you in the zone of productivity.
  1. Silent, calm Strength: Sticking to one’s values with poise, without agitation. Standing one’s ground with assertiveness without unnecessary drama.
  1. Relentless upward mobility: improving oneself daily. Always be thinking about moving yourself to the next level up.

“When 10X is your measuring stick, you immediately see how you can bypass what everyone else is doing.” —Dan Sullivan

  1. Ability for simplification: Boiling things down to their core essence, clearing all noise and giving attention to the few critical things.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo Da Vinci

  1. Capacity for the right conflict: Standing the ground and fighting the good fight, with the most effective tools in one’s arsenal, and never shying away from the right conflict.


Get your capacities in order. Become effective.

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