Traits of truly valuable players

Traits of Truly Valuable Players

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How do you recognize a true class-act – one who is a valuable player, and influencer in any organization, team or industry?

You will notice these signs around them:

  • People flock to them
  • Others seek out their opinions and highly value their inputs
  • They are experts
  • They are masters at working with people
  • They can predict the future
  • They produce results
  • They are natural leaders
  • They are more about principles, than about techniques
  • Their judgment is always respected, regardless of whether it is accepted.

So how do these class-acts end up in such an enviable place?

Here are the common characteristics I have noticed in all valuable players that I have come across.

  1. They are solution-oriented
  2. They have a penchant and inclination for training and coaching
  3. They have unique perspectives and positions
  4. They constantly build a reputable body of work (and results)
  5. They are constantly updating and renewing their knowledge and expertise
  6. They are constantly re-inventing themselves
  7. They are agile and nimble
  8. They keep themselves relevant in the face of disruption and change
  9. They bring energy and vitality to the table
  10. They actively contribute at every opportunity (in meetings, in project groups etc.)
  11. They are givers
  12. They dig for new ideas. And then give a shot at implementing them
  13. They learn to present and speak well
  14. They are into mentorship (giving and receiving)
  15. They think about delegating and building more leaders
  16. They seek work and projects that challenge their abilities
  17. They place themselves strategically in the organization and industry and reputation-wise, so they can tap into future opportunities and trends.



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